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The Radiouclides in Nephrourology (RIN) group was formed in 1968 after an international symposium in Liège in 1967 devoted to this subject. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for the exchange of the developments in radionuclide techniques in nephro-urology.

This site is intended mainly for specialists working in renal nuclear medicine. General information on nuclear medicine is available from the British (www.bnms.org.uk), European (www.eanm.org) or American (www.snm.org) web sites.

If you are a patient seeking more information about the diagnosis or treatment of kidney disease, there are many internet resources including:



The most recent symposium was held on October 15-17, 2013

in Varese, Italy

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The next meeting will be held in 2016

Additional information is forthcoming


Thumb of GroupThe very first event in the history of ISCORN was the symposium on applications of radionuclides in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tact at the 32nd Belgian Congress of Urology in Liege, 1967 [1]. Since then, thirteen international symposia on Radionuclides in Nephrourology have been organized in new York (1971), Berlin (1974), Boston (1977), London (1981), Lausanne (1986). Williamsburg (1989), Chester (1992), Sante Fe (1995), Copenhagen (1998), Monterey (2001), LaBaule (2004) and Antalya (2007). Besides organizing international symposia and publishing the proceedings as the separate volumes of the journals and books, ISCORN activities included preparation and publication of consensus reports on various methodical and clinical aspects of nuclear nephrourology.



Participants of ISCORN business meeting in Prague, 2009



[1] Blaufox MD. A brief history of the radionuclides in nephrourology group (ISCORN). Seminars in nuclear medicine 2008; 38(1):2-8